Preventing Psoriasis Symptoms
By Dermatology Center of McKinney
April 26, 2022
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Dr. James Ralston is here for you at Dermatology Center of McKinney when you're experiencing symptoms of psoriasis in McKinney, TX. Keep reading for tips about preventing psoriasis symptoms and come see us if you have psoriasis.

Psoriasis in McKinney, TX

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes itchy, dry, and discolored patches of skin. They can occur anywhere on the body but are most commonly located on the elbows, knees, scalp, face, palms, and feet. These spots are not contagious to others, but can be itchy and uncomfortable for the patient.

There are several types of psoriasis, and it can be moderate or severe. Every person has different triggers for an outbreak, so knowing and avoiding your triggers will be the best way to avoid flare-ups. One of the most common triggers is stress, so talk to your doctor about managing stress levels and how it affects your skin.

Preventing psoriasis symptoms

When you have psoriasis in McKinney, TX, there are some things you can do to help prevent symptoms. Keeping your skin moisturized will be important to keep your skin from drying out and triggering a flare-up. Cold weather also dries out the skin, so be careful about your time outside in the cold, and use a humidifier inside when the weather is dry to keep the air around you moist.

Vitamins and nutrients help to keep you healthy, and some vitamins can help people with psoriasis keep their skin healthy and avoid flareups. These include vitamins A, E, C, and D, and it's important to get as much of your vitamins from real food as you can, rather than taking supplements.

Treating psoriasis

Despite your best attempts to avoid triggers and keep yourself healthy, your psoriasis may still flare-up. There are several kinds of treatments available and your doctor can help determine the best for your type of psoriasis.

Topical treatments are creams usually medicated with a steroid and applied directly to the skin. There are also prescription drugs that can help ease inflammation. Biologic treatments in the form of injections are usually recommended in more severe cases. Those are the most common treatments, and light therapy using sunlight or lasers has been beneficial for some patients.

When you have psoriasis in McKinney, TX, your dermatologist Dr. James Ralston at Dermatology Center of McKinney will be an important resource. Contact us for an appointment at (972) 548-0333.