When to Consider Tattoo Removal

When to Consider Tattoo Removal

Dr. James Ralston and the Dermatology Center of Mckinney offer tattoo removal in McKinney, TX. We help patients remove unwanted tattoos with laser treatments and restore the appearance of their skin. If you are considering laser tattoo removal, keep reading and contact us to make an appointment today.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal is a way to lighten and remove tattoo ink from the skin. The tattooed skin is targeted with laser energy that penetrates the skin and breaks the ink up into smaller particles. The tattoo lightens and the particles are expelled from your body over time.

Some colors of ink react better to different wavelengths. Our PiQo4 laser system can use four different wavelengths to remove different pigments. Certain colors of ink take more treatments to remove, but this technology allows us to remove tattoos faster than traditional laser treatments using single wavelengths.

Should I Consider Tattoo Removal?

If a tattoo is no longer meaningful to you, does not look how you want it to anymore, or you simply regret getting the ink in the first place, you might be considering having it removed. We are happy to remove unwanted tattoos so your skin can have the appearance you want.

You need to know that just like getting your tattoo was a commitment, removing a tattoo is also a commitment. Most patients see results within 2 to 4 sessions, but the complete removal of a tattoo takes a series of treatments over the course of weeks or months. Talk to our dermatologist about what results you can expect with the colors of ink you have and how long they expect removal to take.

Following aftercare instructions is important for the health of your skin during tattoo removal. Using ointments and bandaging the treatment area is recommended, and you also need to protect your skin from the sun with clothing or sunblock.

Get Tattoo Removal

Dermatology Center of McKinney specializes in laser tattoo removal in McKinney, TX. If you are committed to removing a tattoo, our dermatologist and laser technicians can develop a plan for you to reclaim your skin. To make an appointment with Dr. Ralston, contact us at (972) 548-0333.

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