3 Things To Know Before Getting Coolsculpting

3 Things To Know Before Getting Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting can help when you struggle with difficult to lose fat, the procedure can be very effective in certain cases, but may not be the recommended treatment for others. A few things to consider about CoolSculpting will be explored below, but if you would like to learn more about the procedure and its benefits you can directly reach out to Dr. James Ralston and your local health experts of the Dermatology Center of McKinney in McKinney, TX.

It's Not Surgery

You do not have to worry about needles or knives or even anesthesia as the entire treatment is entirely non-invasive and non-surgical. Some discomfort is possible during the procedure and sometimes in the days after, but nothing comparable to surgery.

During the process of the treatment your doctor places the device, sometimes called a paddle, against the targetted area for the duration, which can be from about half an hour to an hour.

It's Not a Weight Loss Method

CoolSculpting should not be considered a replacement for more practical weight loss methods such as diet and exercise, but it can help. Sometimes, despite your best efforts through traditional means, you may still find that there are stubborn concentrations of fat that are difficult to get rid of, targetting specific areas for weight loss is something that no exercise can technically achieve. But it's with these areas that CoolSculpting is the most effective, it can be used to target fat deposits on thighs, belly, back, underarms, and more.

Noticeable Results

Before deciding whether CoolSculpting is right for you it's important to discuss with your doctor what your expectations are and they can go over in detail what you can expect in return. But for many patients who undergo the procedure, begin to notice changes within 3 weeks, with the most dramatic results occurring after one to three months after.

CoolSculpting in McKinney, TX

You can dial (972) 548-0333 if you are interested in the many benefits of CoolSculpting and live in or near the McKinney, TX, area, and you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ralston of the Dermatology Center of McKinney.

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